Memory Treatment Centers, a leading neurocognitive disease clinic, is proud to be one of the first medical organizations in the United States to offer the innovative Alzheimer’s drug Leqembi (lecanemab-irmb).

Bonita Springs, FL February 6, 2023 – Last week, Memory Treatment Centers (MTC) became amongst the very first healthcare organizations within the United States to successfully begin administering Leqembi to qualified patients at its facilities. As a recently FDA-approved disease-modifying therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, MTC, a Pure  Healthcare Company (Pure), is able to obtain these new treatments and allow access to therapy via their board-certified providers in Florida, as well as through Pure’s growing national network.

“To date, all of our Leqembi infusions have been administered without incident.  Not only is MTC a leader in the Alzheimer’s treatment space, but we have crafted a unique care path to efficiently diagnose and treat our cognitively impaired patients in a timely manner. The recent FDA approval of Leqembi is so significant for our field of work as we are finally seeing a therapy that undoubtedly slows down the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s,” remarked Dr. Jamie Plante of MTC-Bonita Springs.

Leqembi: A Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Disease Care

The FDA made history on January 6th, 2023 by granting accelerated approval for Leqembi, the second FDA-approved therapy designed to tackle Alzheimer’s. This innovative treatment removes beta-amyloid 42 plaque from the brain, which is a hallmark of the disease.

Studies have shown that Leqembi effectively removes these beta-amyloid plaques and the precursor proteins, offering hope for those affected by AD. While there is currently no evidence that Leqembi restores memory or cognitive function, Leqembi has demonstrated the ability to slow the progression of the disease through Eisai & Biogen’s ground-breaking CLARITY-AD study, which resulted in a “highly significant reduction of clinical decline.”

This exciting development in AD treatment marks a new era of hope and possibility for those living with the disease. Healthcare providers such as neurologists and neurocognitive specialists can now take a proactive approach to treating and preventing the progression of Alzheimer’s.

With approximately 13 million Americans expected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s by 2050, these advancements couldn’t have come at a better time. MTC is celebrating this exciting leap forward in Alzheimer’s care. This FDA-approved therapy is specifically designed to help slow the progression of cognitive impairment in those with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease. Although Leqembi may not be suitable for those with moderate or severe Alzheimer’s dementia, it remains a crucial step forward in the journey to finding a cure.

“We are thrilled that we can now view Alzheimer’s as a treatable disease. Leqembi will provide a meaningful benefit to our patients and families and will not only prolong a patient’s independence but extend their quality of life,” commented Dr. Bobby Mannel of MTC-Jacksonville.

What is Cognitive Impairment? 

Cognitive impairment is represented by changes in memory, communication fluency, and ability to maintain work duties, social relationships, or keep life routines. Many patients with early mild cognitive impairment (MCI) continue to work and socialize but may have noticed small changes in their lives. It is also common for patients to have had family or friends comment on their forgetfulness. 

As cognition worsens, an individual may develop mild dementia, eventually leading to more severe dementia. There are many reasons why someone might develop MCI and/or dementia and a thorough neurocognitive evaluation is important in both efficiently and accurately diagnosing and treating the underlying condition(s).

What Type of Specialist Diagnoses Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Despite 90% of physicians recognizing the significance of diagnosing MCI as a precursor to AD, a majority of these providers do not feel confident in their understanding of how to make an appropriate diagnosis. Furthermore, only a small percentage (~5%) of Neurologists specialize in neurocognitive medicine, resulting in significant barriers to evaluation and care. As the number of Alzheimer’s Disease cases continues to grow annually, this presents a crucial challenge to the healthcare system and often results in a delay in the diagnosis; potentially even by years. 

“The most important thing we stress to our patients, friends, and family, is early evaluation and diagnosis. Alzheimer’s disease is different from other diseases in that it slowly develops over the course of decades before it presents itself. We know there are many undiagnosed people out there who have Alzheimer’s Disease with mild dementia, MCI, or even with normal cognition. 

When an individual begins to notice changes in their memory, this represents a critical threshold in their brain’s accumulation of the abnormal Alzheimer’s proteins that Leqembi helps remove. Therefore, the sooner we determine whether an individual has Alzheimer’s, the earlier we can start a treatment like Leqembi and prevent the progression of the disease,” encouraged  Samuel Giles MD of MTC-Jacksonville.

Where can I be evaluated for MCI, mild dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and treatments?

With emergency orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients suffering from MCI and who may qualify for Leqembi can now undergo neurocognitive evaluations via telehealth from anywhere in the US. If you’re located in Florida, please come visit one of the Memory Treatment Centers’ facilities.

At MTC, we provide comprehensive evaluations via our neurocognitive specialists through cognitive to assess the presence of cognitive impairment.  We also utilize up-to-date biomarker testing to pinpoint the diagnosis.  Our goal is to thoroughly evaluate and accurately diagnose our patients in a comfortable, streamlined, and friendly environment. Through this process, we can design a care plan that reflects each individual patient and family’s goals and wishes.

All of us at Memory Treatment Centers are dedicated to bringing hope and relief to patients with all types of cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s Disease. If you or a loved one are interested in finding out if you qualify for Leqembi, we are accepting new patients and are eager to assist you on your journey to better health.

“Throughout my career, I have never seen anything so profound as Leqembi in its ability to change the course of Alzheimer’s disease. I encourage anyone and everyone with any change in memory or cognition to be evaluated,” commented Dr. Donald McCarren of MTC-Bonita Springs.