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Our Neurocognitive specialists provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care plans for those experiencing memory loss

Why Memory Treatment Centers?

If you or a loved one are experiencing changes in memory, our neurocognitive specialists can help.
Memory Treatment Centers providers are experts at identifying causes of all types of cognitive change including memory loss, word-finding difficulty, and other types of cognitive decline. 
We specialize in diagnosing all types of cognitive impairment and developing treatment plans catered to each of our patients, individually. 
The most important thing for our patients is early detection and treatment. With early intervention, we can prolong both an individual’s and family member’s quality of life and independence.

We Have the Latest Treatments for Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

KISUNLA (Donanemab)

On July 2nd2024 the FDA granted full traditional approval for Kisunla (Donanemab) which is the second fully FDA approved therapy for Alzheimer’s disease that specifically targets the protein plaque beta-amyloid 42. 

The approval of Donanemab has now allowed healthcare providers like neurologists and neurocognitive specialists, to continue to be proactive with treating and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Leqembi (Lecanemab)

On January 6th, 2023, the FDA granted accelerated approval for Leqembi (Lecanemab) which is the second FDA-approved therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Leqembi (Lecanemab) specifically targets protofibrils which cluster together and forms the protein plaque beta-amyloid 42.

Memory Treatment Centers is now actively infusing Leqembi.

What is Cognitive Impairment?

Cognitive impairment is when someone’s brain develops difficulty performing normal daily functions such as remembering details, finding the right words to say when communicating, as well as interacting with others at work, home or in social environments.
While cognitive impairment starts mild, it may be due to a serious underlying medical issue and can be the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or other types of Dementia. The sooner we identify and treat the underlying cause of cognitive impairment, the better the outcome. 

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Our Neurocognitive Team

W. Jamie Plante, MD

Bonita Springs, FL

Don McCarren, DO, FAAN, FAANEM

Bonita Springs, FL

April Stowers, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CDP
National Director of Education & Training

Bonita Springs, FL

Samuel S. Giles, MD

Jacksonville, FL

Bobby Mannel, MD

Jacksonville, FL

Kelly O'Brien, MSN, AG-ACNP, CNP

Jacksonville, FL

What Our Patients Say About MTC

Michael KopalaMichael Kopala
11:40 01 Aug 23
Finally, after examination, a Dr that is telling me, damn near exactly, what I would have been telling him. Imagine that...
Angela MartinezAngela Martinez
17:28 05 Jun 23
Teresa PartonTeresa Parton
13:09 18 May 23
Dr. Plante is excellent!
S NaumovskiS Naumovski
21:41 17 May 23
Very clean facility and staff is super friendly, considerate, clean, safe and professional.
Joseph shamusJoseph shamus
10:42 17 May 23
carolyn pawelakcarolyn pawelak
15:50 06 May 23
Our experience was excellent. We appreciate Dr. Plante's personable and respectful treatment. We learned so much from him about my husband's condition that was omitted by so many doctors who treated him in the past. We left the office more knowledgeable and feeling grateful and hopeful.We look forward to our association with Dr. Plante.
Ron KosciakRon Kosciak
00:14 09 Apr 23
Completely satisfied. Dr.Plante has been wonderful to work with. He makes sure that I understand what he is communicating. I'm extremely pleased with his interest and his care concerning my condition. A++
Bonnie MitchellBonnie Mitchell
10:58 30 Mar 23
Dr McCarren and April evaluated my husband and ordered tests that were necessary to get to the bottom of his issues. They explained different options and treatments in great detail. They are so compassionate about their mission that we know we are in the right place.The infusion nurses Leslie and Izzy make you comfortable in their private infusion suites with their years of experience in IV administration. Explaining the medicines and process.No doubt the whole staff are understanding, welcoming and caring.
Dannetta Hiatt-BennettDannetta Hiatt-Bennett
10:34 08 Mar 23
Memory Care Center is on the top of the list of medical facilities I have experienced. They staff are friendly, the environment is very clean. As for a physician I have to recommend Dr. Plante hands down compared to any physician I have ever experienced. He actually listens unlike many physicians who say “I have fifteen minutes for you today”. Good staff, good environment and a great Dr.. All the best you could ask for.
Mary KriegerMary Krieger
19:46 20 Feb 23
I'm so grateful to have this wonderful medical team taking care of me. They are so professional, yet personal. I fully trust April Stowers to get to the bottom of what is going on. She is so thorough. Her thoughtful and kind personality puts me at ease. I would recommend Memory Treatment Center to everyone who is dealing with neurological issues.
Randall BrownRandall Brown
15:29 11 Jun 22
Thorough, professional yet personable knowledgeable and caring. Dr McCarren listened and wasn’t interested in over treatment. I would definitely recommend him
Sheila RaskinSheila Raskin
10:03 06 Jun 22
I was referred to them and wow did I get lucky!!! The entire staff is truly awesome, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Straight forward info with all the help you need.
Sheila RaskinSheila Raskin
10:20 28 May 22
Awesome visit. Every member of the team is efficient and friendly making patients feel completely comfortable. Made certain I understood everything and I departed knowing this is a perfect place for me
Karen HustonKaren Huston
15:09 29 Apr 22
I was a new patient. I was able to get an appointment within just a few days. The office staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. Plant was an amazing doctor. Very kind and caring. I didn’t feel rushed and he was very thorough and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this practice!!
Beverlee DeLucaBeverlee DeLuca
17:19 21 Apr 22
Our visit with Dr Plante was amazing. His style of getting to know my husband and his medical background… incredibly patient and in depth creating an instant confidence between doc and patient, as well as me.In addition to addressing our concerns he addressed many other related issues giving us more education relating to my husband’s health both now and in the future.We both left with feeling confident in his care and looking forward to an ongoing professional relationship!
Raquel FigueroaRaquel Figueroa
17:13 27 Jun 23
As many doctors offices I have been to, I have never been to such a nice doctors office in my life!! WOW!! From the decor to the staff, it was off the charts!! The lady at the front desk was super sweet, she complimented me a few times and now I want to visit everyday just to get told I’m pretty!! Dr. Giles explained everything very thoroughly and gave me a peace of mind with my current situation. I feel like I’m in good hands , with very knowledgeable AND caring staff and doctors. Such a refreshing feeling when you find a great doctor, they’re so hard to find nowadays!! I wasn’t having a very good day but surprisingly after my visit, I feel a little more at ease!
Camile PittsCamile Pitts
17:47 26 May 23
Erica DErica D
01:18 25 May 23
Today was my first appointment and all I can say is Wow! The staff was amazing! Helen checked me in and she made me feel so welcomed. I felt so at home, it didn’t feel like a doctors appointment it felt like I was visiting friends! Dr. Giles answered all my questions and even wrote down the details of what we discussed. Best doctor visit I’ve had. Thank you Memory treatment centers of Jacksonville, beaches location!
JoAnn MeierJoAnn Meier
13:55 21 May 23
Did not have to wait to be seen. Friendly receptionist. Doctor spent almost an hour with us and answered each of our questions patiently and understandably. He listened and responded to every concern.
Robin MooreRobin Moore
12:05 17 May 23
At a time one so much was unknown and scary the staff was so friendly kind helpful calming understanding and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping us make an uncertain time pleasant and manageable
Charma PostenCharma Posten
01:18 15 May 23
I've never had any Dr. listen and ask questions the way she did. The course of treatment was not based on how many test they could do and how many new pills she could subscribe. She sounds very knowledgeable and I have the highest of hopes, she can help me figure out why I'm having memory problems and how we can fix the problem. Everyone I came in contact with were, profession, compassionate and respectful. It was a pleasure and I am happy to travel 40 minutes for a visit. Unfortunately I can't remember my Drs name but, she's the best.
18:55 27 Mar 23
The staff here are so kind and compassionate. Dr. Giles honestly seems to care about his patients. I never felt rushed, and he takes the time to listen to you. He explains things where you can understand what is going on. It is so nice to be treated like a person and not a number. Dr Giles medical assistant Helen is soooo sweet. She is amazing and puts you at ease. She, like Dr Giles, is so caring and compassionate. I feel blessed to have found Dr Giles and his staff. I highly recommend Memory treatment centers of Jacksonville.
Susan DempseySusan Dempsey
13:22 08 Feb 23
Wonderful staff! Professional and friendly. I have been going there for almost a year now for injections. The place is roomy, clean, comfortable and has a warm vibe. My nurse, Maria, is an excellent source for questions, friendly and does an great job with my injections. The receptionist is always warm, welcoming and competent. I live out of town, so my drive is a bit long. However, I don't mind as the visits are always pleasant ones.
Sandi WagnerSandi Wagner
12:29 15 Jun 22
Appointment set quickly. Great experience with everyone including Doctor, he seems very knowledgeable and speaks in terms you can understand, here gave me instructions for testing got it done and quick response on tests. Pleasant experience, would highly recommend.
20:12 11 May 22
Staff is AWESOME & the office is extremely nice. Dr. Giles takes plenty of time to listen, and explains everything with detail. They were very prepared for my visit. I didnt even have to bring in disc's. They were able to log into the facility where I had my scans, and Dr. Giles reviewed them. He also took the time to go through the scans with me, and point out everything he needed to.
Christi MunnsChristi Munns
14:38 07 May 22
I cannot say enough about the level of service these doctors offer. They were very thorough and understanding and spent a lot of time going over everything with us. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone experiencing any type of memory impairment.
Jess ChapkinJess Chapkin
11:54 13 Apr 22
The whole process is seamless. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by Kelly at the front desk who is so kind and helpful. Then, Angela the nurse was thorough with her check in before seeing Dr Mannel and then I waited maybe 2 minutes before seeing the neurologist and he is very informed with the latest medications and treatments for migraines. The whole appointment took maybe an hour with zero wait times and it was a breath of fresh air. Definitely different from your typically doctor experience. Would recommend!
Laura JosephLaura Joseph
01:13 17 Mar 22
I saw Dr Giles for my migraines at the last place he worked and would 10 out of 10 recommend him to anyone. I would also absolutely follow him to this new office! He took time finding out my history and helping me find something that worked for me as well as explaining all my options. He is an excellent care provider.

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